About Lila Devi

Lila Devi founded Spirit-in-Nature Essences in 1977. Her love of the outdoors and an innate belief that nature cradles an untold wealth of healing secrets inspired her, along with the support of J. Donald Walters, to develop this line of essences. Lila's first experience in taking a Bach Flower Remedy proved so extraordinary that she began studying the few essence books available at that time. Self-training metamorphosed into experience and led to the preparation of the first batch of Spirit-in-Nature Essences.

Also a playright, poet, songwriter and musician, Lila teaches Spirit-in-Nature Essences in the United States and abroad, combining experience, insight, humor and music in her classes and radio and television appearances. The Essential Flower Essence Handbook is now published in English, Italian, Japanese and English in India. Her second book, Flower Essences for Animals, is available in English and Japanese. A series of children's storybooks is currently in process.

Lila graduated with honors from the University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and psychology and a secondary education teaching certificate. Before developing Spirit-in-Nature Essences, she taught high school English and ran a group home for developmentally disabled women. Lila is a student of Paramhansa Yogananda and lives in the Ananda World Brotherhood Community in Sacramento.