About Satyaki Kraig Brockschmidt

Satyaki (Kraig) Brockschmidt is a former Microsoft design engineer. He offers precision, inspiration and an occasional dose of wit in sharing both his musical and technical experience with the Indian harmonium, its history and technical details on how to care for it and play it.

In his nearly nine years at Microsoft Corporation, he was highly respected throughout the software industry as a bestselling author, creative software engineer, and inspiring public speaker. His frequent seminars at software development conferences consistently drew sincere appreciation and praise from programmers and managers alike. Within Microsoft Satyaki made a number of significant contributions to the Windows and Office products.

Satyaki is also a nationally certified Yoga instructor, a certified meditation instructor, and has received intensive stress-management training from the former Director of Stress Management for the hospital-based version of Dr. Dean Ornish's Reversing Heart Disease program. He has sung both solo and choral in a number of domestic and international concerts. His interests include photography, cooking, graphic design, mechanics, and childhood education - in which capacity he appeared in a program that ran on National Public Radio.

Satyaki has also recently published Mystic Microsoft, a spiritual perspective of his Microsoft career, and Finding Focus: How to Clarify Your Priorities and Live with Purposeful Simplicity.

For more information on Satyaki and his works, visit www.kraigbrockschmidt.com.

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