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What Causes Stress? Is stress caused by traffic? A car accident? A demanding job? Difficult people? Illnesses? ­ How about losing a job? A loved one? A relationship? What about global events like wars and terror attacks? For many of us, experiencing one or more of the above would certainly be stressful. But are situations like those the source of … Read More

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How To Succeed in Any Line of Work by Paramhansa Yogananda

One day a man said to me that he couldn’t seem to get ahead. I said, “Do your work so well that your employer can’t get along without you. Don’t be like the employee who is always looking at his watch and waiting to go home. Whatever your job, do it as well as possible.”

Kriyananda Meeting Yogananda
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Work vs Meditation by Swami Kriyananda

“Master once taught me a good lesson on the attitude we should hold toward our work.” Mrs. Vera Brown (later, Meera Mata), an advanced older disciple whom Master had made responsible for training some of the newer ones, was sharing with me a few of her experiences with our Guru. “‘You work too hard,’ Master told me one day. ‘You must work … Read More

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Why is Life so Full of Tests? by Paramhansa Yogananda

Through tests we learn life’s lessons. Tests are not meant to crush us: They are to develop our powers. They come through the natural law of progress and are necessary for us to advance from lower to higher steps.

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WHAT EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW ABOUT ENERGY HEALING–Discover the Secret to Spiritual Healing According to Paramhansa Yogananda

A Quest for Healing Five years ago, I was suddenly confronted with a gripping and intense phobia of rocks. This came out of nowhere, as I had never been fearful of anything before. Hours and hours spent with my therapist did not seem to help much. Interestingly, what seemed to be a psychological disorder was not at all helped by … Read More


AUM – The Melody of Love

A saint said we should meditate on AUM with meaning and devotion. As I dived more deeply into the spiritual science of the Cosmic Vibration, I began to see how central a role AUM plays for our liberation.


What Is True Friendship?

From Clarity Magazine – Winter, 2006 What Is True Friendship? Friendship is a manifestation of God’s love for you, expressed through your friends. Friendship is the purest of all love. In filial love, in the love of parents for their children, and in the love of lovers there is compulsion. But in true friendship there is no compulsion. If you … Read More


The Causes of Economic Depression

From Clarity Magazine – Winter, 2008 Always avoid the evil of selfishness. Any person who lives selfishly for himself does not really live at all, for he chokes the expansion of his life. But when a person extends his sympathy from his family, to his neighbors, and to the world, he expands and connects his little life to its source … Read More


Do’s and Don’ts of Good Parenting

From Clarity Magazine – Spring, 2008 God, who is love, created man through the love of two souls, and through love alone man can find his way back to God. Parents and children should understand that their relationship is not fortuitous, but is due to a divine plan. Family life is the laboratory in which human love can be transformed … Read More


The Mysterious Devotee: A True Story

The Mysterious Devotee: A True Story by Bharat Cornell From Clarity Magazine – Summer, 2007 Article Index In September 2004, my wife, Anandi, and I welcomed a mysterious, unannounced visitor to our home. He stayed for eight days and thrilled us with his presence. Our “guest” spent his daylight hours sitting serenely in our meditation garden by a statue of … Read More