"Behind the Scenes"

Cities of Light

What Communities Can Accomplish in the New Age
by Swami Kriyananda (J. Donald Walters)

I remember the year well. It was 1988, the twentieth anniversary of the founding of Ananda. The person in charge of Crystal Clarity, Publisher, at the time said to me, "Wouldn't it be wonderful if we got a book out to celebrate the occasion?"

I agreed with her, of course. "However," I said, "I'm only just completing a month of semi-seclusion, during which I've written seven books, including three 'Secrets' books. I'm scheduled to shift gears one week from now, when this writing period will be over. I can't possibly write a book of this nature in a week."

"It would be nice," was her only comment.

Well, I knew it would be, and was sorry to have to refuse her. Then I thought, "Well, I couldn't do the job, but God and Guru can do anything. If they're willing to work through me, maybe I can get it done."

I suspended my own efforts to think of the matter, and asked my Guru for guidance and inspiration. Then, with full will power, I dived, so to speak, off the rock into the pool, asking and hoping for the best.

The work simply flowed. On the second day, to my considerable dismay, an electrician who was working in the house threw the wrong switch, and I lost that whole day of work. Having such a strong flow interrupted nearly broke my will power. For the rest of that day, anyway, I could do nothing more. The next day, however, I picked up my sword off the ground and "had at it" once again, gaining momentum as I went.

Not counting the missed day of work, I finished the book in four days. Afterward, I found that there was almost no editing to do. It was, for me, a wonderful lesson in the importance of calling on divine assistance.

Cities of Light describes what Ananda is, and what it aspires to become, and explains the need in this world for harmonious groups of people working together to evolve a better way of life.

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