"Behind the Scenes"

Conversations with Yogananda

Stories, Sayings, and Wisdom of Paramhansa Yogananda
by Swami Kriyananda

My Guru asked me, and repeated his request many times, to write down his comments on everything he said. This book is a response to that request. I have added to it the fruits of my own nearly sixty years of reflection and meditation.

A true guru expresses his wisdom not only through words, but in countless nuances: his tone of voice; his facial expressions; the pauses in his speech; the emphasis he gives certain words; his body language; and, most of all, the vibrations of his consciousness. All of these I have done my humble best to convey through this book. It contains the essential wisdom and insight which has guided me through the years.

I didn't try to include in this book everything I had ever heard him say. What I included were specially meaningful conversations. I omitted many things he said about individuals also, and statements that might have affected some people adversely. For when speaking to me he could be very frank, though he was always true to his own nature which was unconditionally loving and supportive of us all. He was, indeed, our true spiritual father for eternity.

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