"Behind the Scenes"

The Singer and the Nightingale

by Swami Kriyananda

This is another simple story, which I first wrote also when I was eighteen. It doesn't express my own heart's feelings as deeply as I did in The Land of Golden Sunshine, but it does express allegorically my own second, and equally deep, desire in life: to help others to find everlasting inspiration and joy in God. The lesson taught by the queen of the nightingales is that true self-expression comes from attunement with the highest reality.

Interestingly perhaps, my first inspiration for this story was a poem of Chaucer's I had read in college, "The Parliament of Fowls" (as its title would be written in today's English). In the library at Haverford College I found a book that described the personalities of birds. The birds I chose for this story are all drawn from characterizations I found there.

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