A Pilgrimage to Guadalupe

The Final Journey of the Soul
by Swami Kriyananda


Have you ever had what seemed to be a chance encounter with someone who uplifted and changed you?

In A Pilgrimage to Guadalupe the pilgrim experiences a series of just such seemingly chance meetings. As the pilgrim seeks answers to life’s deepest questions, those he encounters include—at different times—an atheist, believers, a social activist, Catholic monks, a materialist, and two saintly women.

The author, Swami Kriyananda, a man of remarkable insight and love for humanity, creates compassionate dialogue between the pilgrim and those he meets (whose views of life often differ radically from his own). These conversations are respectful, good-humored, and at times challenging and thought-provoking. Because of the pilgrim’s deep respect for each person, each encounter is one of true and open communication; in the process, lives are changed.

People often have beliefs that limit their joyful experience of life. I’ve read that 71% of Americans believe God is angry, judgmental, or distant. Only 23% of Americans believe in a benevolent God. The pilgrim’s first encounter is with “believers” who tell him Jesus Christ came to save us from God’s vengeance. The pilgrim replies to his friends, “I don’t think Jesus wanted to protect us from God’s wrath. He wanted to open us to God’s love.” He goes on to remind them that Jesus scolded only the hypocrites; he showed compassion for those who sincerely wanted to change. How could God—the father of Jesus—be so radically different from His son?

As you, the reader, accompany the pilgrim on his journey, you will find your own mind expanding. In A Pilgrimage to Guadalupe you’ll discover a universal, loving, and liberating
life philosophy that thrills the soul.

Because Swami Kriyananda’s own life, since childhood, has been a pilgrimage, he is well qualified to guide others on the path of truth and awakening. Take up your staff, if you will, and travel with Kriyananda to new vistas of truth, inner joy, and freedom.

You’ll be very happy you did.

—Joseph Cornell (Nayaswami Bharat)
Author of Sharing Nature with Children
and AUM: The Melody of Love


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