Finding Happiness

Day by Day
by Swami Kriyananda

These sayings contain my sincere attempt to inspire people — to inspire you, friend — to find happiness, and to make your life that which, in the depths of your heart, you know it can be.

Life can be a humdrum monotony of similar experiences. Days, months, even years go by, without any substantial change of circumstances or increase of fulfillment. But here is a secret many people are discovering: When your thoughts become more positive and expansive, your life improves. When you change from the inside, your whole world changes. True happiness springs from within. And there are ways, deliberate choices that make that happiness grow. Therefore, this book of thoughts and actions for your to experiment with. All of these suggestions, offered here by Swami Kriyananda, are based on universal principles that lead to inner happiness.

“I suggest you take one thought at a time from the following pages,” Kriyananda writes. “Keep it before you throughout the day, as a reminder. Repeat it out loud, or mentally, letting it sink into your subconscious. And look for situations in your life to which you can apply it creatively.” May your practice of these principles in daily life be your secret key to finding happiness.

Joy to you,
Ananda Community

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