Yoga Therapy for Headache Relief

by Dr. Peter van Houten, MD and Gyandev McCord (Gyandev Rich McCord, Phd)

Who wouldn't like to toss the medicine bottle for an effective and natural alternative to treating headaches? An alternative that not only prevents or gets rid of headaches, but slims your thighs—which it can if you keep with it—and enables you to see and act and live more rightly and with more joy.

No one wants the side negative effects that can arise from headache medications, or the worry about long-term use of certain drugs. And so many of us are tired of being dependent on daily medication to function, still not knowing when the next headache will hit. There is also the high cost of prescriptions for headaches, especially for those of us who don't have adequate health insurance. These concerns affect our day-to-day lives—even the length and quality of our lives, and they are the lenses that bring the value of yoga practices into unmistakable focus. Yoga techniques have no negative side effects, only the vast potential of better health and well being on every level, inside and out.

The wide array of yoga exercises provided in this book can help prevent recurrent headaches or ease a headache in progress. Based on the well-known Ananda Yoga system, these exercises emphasize relaxation, stretching, breathing, and positive affirmation to break the headache cycle. Although physicians often suggest these kinds of stretches and relaxation exercises, they seldom teach them in a way that actually encourages someone to use them. Ananda Yoga offers a simple step-by-step guide for those who would like a medication-free way of living without headaches.

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