Sample Chapter

Ananda Yoga for Higher Awareness

by Swami Kriyananda

Standing Poses: Chandrasana, The Moon Pose

"Strength and courage fill my body cells."

Chandrasana will help make you more conscious of the spine, a vital necessity in more advanced poses.



Stand with feet together, with the weight on the balls of the feet. Be conscious now of your spine—imagine that a rising current of energy in the spine is extending upward beyond the shoulders.

Inhale slowly and bring your arms out to the sides, palms upward, and straight up above your had. As your hands meet, lock your thumbs together with your palms facing forward, stretch upward, and rise up on your toes.

Now exhale, shifting the right hip to the right, and extend the stretch of the upper body to the left. Remain slightly up on your toes. Try not to twist the body, but keep it flat, as thought you were bending between two panes of glass.

Be aware of the upward movement of energy in your body, as if it were the energy itself that is stretching your body and extending the stretch to the left.

Affirm mentally, "Strength and courage fill my body cells."

Hold this pose for approximately 30 seconds, breathing naturally when you need to.
Inhale, returning to the upright position. Stretch upward again.

Exhale and bring your arms slowly down to your sides, settling back onto your heels.

Repeat Chandrasana in the opposite direction.

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