Sample Chapter

Finding Happiness

Day by Day
by Swami Kriyananda

January 1 Living Joyfully
There will never be another today.
Make the most of it.

January 2 Inner Freedom
Live in your present commitments,
not in any regret for the past.

January 3 Emotional Healing
Practice the presence of God.
Share with Him every thought,
every feeling, every act.

January 4 Magnetic Communication
Smile with your eyes,
not only with your lips.

January 5 Emotional Healing
Relinquish personal desire by relating your emotions to a broader arc of feeling: love for a friend, or the joy of feeling free from external circumstances, or respect for the right of others to make their own decisions and their own mistakes.

January 6 Creating Harmony
Accept others as they are,
and you will encounter friends
everywhere you go.

January 7 Spiritual Friendship
Include other people’s happiness in your own.

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