Table of Contents

Art as a Hidden Message

A Guide to Self-Realization
by Swami Kriyananda (J. Donald Walters)


Prefatory Note


1. The Arts as Communication

2. The Need for the Arts

3. Art and Science: a Perfect Partnership

4. The Importance of Clarity

5. Clarity Is Directional

6. Clarity of Feeling Becomes Intuition

7. The Hidden Message

8. The Source of Inspiration

9. Secrets of Creativity

10. Clarity Comes with Expanded Awareness

11. Self-realization Through Art

12. Art and Meditation

13. Art as Language

14. Art Is an Expression of Energy

15. Seeing Underlying Relationships

16. "Facing the Darkness"

17. A Generous Spirit

18. A High Purpose

19. Where Is Art Headed?

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