Table of Contents

The Flawless Mirror

by Kamala Silva

1. Enlightened Savant
2.Treasured Friendship
3. Honored Guest
4. Hospital Visits
5. Yoga Sweeps the Nation
6. Priceless Precepts
7. I Receive Kriya Initiation
8. My Guru Ordains Me a Minister
9. Blessings of Grace
10. Early Recollections
11. The Autobiography of a Yogi
12. Life at Mt. Washington
13. I Impart My Guru's Teachings
14. Sri Yukteswars Prophetic Pronouncement
15. Cherished Correspondence
16. Master's Harvest: Devotees of God
17. A Montage of Work, Wisdom and Humor
18. Privileged Hours with My Guru
19. My Guru Enters the Great Samadhi
20. My Guru Brings Dulcet Reminders of God
21. Poems by Paramhansa Yogananda

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