Table of Contents

The Hindu Way of Awakening

Its Revelation, Its Symbols: An Essential View of Religion
by Swami Kriyananda



Prefatory Note

Part One: The Revelation

Chapter One: What Is Revelation?

Chapter Two: What Are Symbols?

Chapter Three: The Power of Symbolism

Chapter Four: Symbolism in India

Chapter Five: Dating It All

Chapter Six: Symbolism: Truth, or Imagination?

Chapter Seven: Philosophy, Religion, Science, or—What?

Chapter Eight: The Hindu Revelation, Part One, Sanatan Dharma—the Eternal Religion

Chapter Nine: The Hindu Revelation, Part Two, Duality in the Interrelationship of the Sexes

Chapter Ten: Symbolism—or Idolatry?

Part Two: The Symbols

Chapter Eleven: Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva: The Trinity of AUM

Chapter Twelve: The Symbolism of Brahma

Chapter Thirteen: Brahma's Secret

Chapter Fourteen: The Garden Door

Chapter Fifteen: The Importance of Satsanga (Good Company)

Chapter Sixteen: The Avatara: Revelation, or Return Voyage?

Chapter Seventeen: The Avatara and Human Evolution

Chapter Eighteen: Symbolism in the Bhagavad Gita

Chapter Nineteen: Tantra—the Way of Confrontation

Chapter Twenty: The Divine Mother

Chapter Twenty-One: Unity in Diversity

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