Table of Contents

Out of the Labyrinth

For Those Who Want to Believe, But Can't
by Swami Kriyananda (J. Donald Walters)



Preface to the 1988 (Revised) Edition

Preface to the Third (2001) Edition

1. The Crises

2. Institutions and the Individual

3. Nihilism and the Search for Values

4. Values—Absolute, or Relative?

5. Truth Is Not Reasonable!

6. Catching the Right Wave

7. Truth in Relativity, Part I: The Discipline of Experience

8. Truth in Relativity, Part II: Directional Relativity

9. Meaning in Evolution? Part I

10. Meaning in Evolution? Part II: What Is Life?

11. Meaning in Evolution? Part III: What Is Matter?

12. Meaning in Evolution? Part IV: Is Evolution Progressive?

13. In Search of an Abosolute

14. The Law of Transcendence


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