Table of Contents

A Place Called Ananda

The Trial by Fire that Forged One of the Most Successful Cooperative Communities in the World Today
by Swami Kriyananda (J. Donald Walters)

Main Persons in This Story


Part One

Chapter 1: Yogananda's Mission to the West

Chapter 2: Master's Commission to Me

Chapter 3: Organizing the Work

Chapter 4: The Third Presidency

Chapter 5: Polarization

Chapter 6: Six Blind Boys and an Elephant

Chapter 7: Rights and Wrongs

Chapter 8: I Go to India

Chapter 9: My First Year in India

Chapter 10: My First Lecture Tour

Chapter 11: Fresh Water for Dirty Drains

Chapter 12: I Return to America

Chapter 13: The Delhi Project

Chapter 14: The Reaction

Chapter 15: Retrospect

Chapter 16: Afterthoughts

Part Two

Chapter 17: Getting My "Sea Legs"

Chapter 18: "Your Work Is Writing and Lecturing"

Chapter 19: Seclusion vs. Outward Activity

Chapter 20: A Choice Is Thrust upon Me

Chapter 21: I Take Up Writing Music

Chapter 22: I Dive into the Water

Chapter 23: "New Age" Movements

Chapter 24: Crystal Clarity

Chapter 25: Land Ahoy!

Chapter 26: Domes and Self-Expansion

Chapter 27: Ananda Retreat

Chapter 28: Hidden Influences

Chapter 29: Community Beginnings

Chapter 30: Karmic Patterns



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