Table of Contents

Religion in the New Age

and Other Essays for the Spiritual Seeker
by Swami Kriyananda

Preface: How I Met My Guru

Part One — Religion in the New Age

1. Are We Living in a New Age?
2. The Ages of Civilization
3. What Is Happening to Our Planet
4. Glimpses into the Future
5. Religion in the New Age
6. Religious Institutions in the New Age
7. Dwapara Yuga Guidance
8. Ananda—A First Step

Part Two — A Miscellany of Essays

The Final Exam
Understanding People
The Great Delusions
Only Love
Three Benefits from Using Incense
Why I Left College
God’s Weaning Ways
How to Develop Self-Confidence
Can Love Be Universalized?
Tomorrow’s Supermen?
Learn to See, Feel, and Think Differently
Laughter as an Expression of Spirit

Part Three — Thoughts of a Disciple

“Is Yogananda My Guru? Is Krishna? Is Jesus Christ?”
Why I Love My Guru, Paramhansa Yogananda
Inspiration vs. Instruction (Going to Saints)

Part Four — Spiritual Leadership in the New Age

1. The Importance of Hierarchy
2. Hierarchy During Dwapara Yuga
3. Creative Leadership
4. Of Space and Time
5. Personal Experience
6. Passing the Baton

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