Table of Contents

Rays of the One Light

Weekly Commentaries on the Bible and the Bhagavad Gita
by Swami Kriyananda (J. Donald Walters)


Week 1, At the Heart of Silence—the Eternal Word

Week 2, Did God Create the Universe—or Become It?

Week 3, Is God Present Even There, Where There Is Ignorance?

Week 4, The Infinite Christ

Week 5, The Mystery of Avatara, or Divine Incarnation

Week 6, The Importance of Soul-Receptivity

Week 7, The Law Is Perfected in Love

Week 8, Can Man See God?

Week 9, By Thinking Can We Arrive at Understanding?

Week 10, Dogmatism vs. Common Sense

Week 11, Reason vs. Intuition

Week 12, We Are Children of the Light

Week 13, Deeds vs. Intentions

Week 14, (Palm Sunday) Who Is This Son of Man?

Week 15, (Easter) Resurrection for Every Soul

Week 16, To Each According to His Faith

Week 17, How High Should We Aspire?

Week 18, Perfection Is Self-Transcendence

Week 19, The Secret of Right Action

Week 20, Activity vs. Inner Communion

Week 21, The Best Way to Worship

Week 22, The Inner Kingdom

Week 23, Why Do Devotees Fall?

Week 24, How Devotees Rise

Week 25, The Eternal Now

Week 26, The Redeeming Light

Week 27, Abiding in God

Week 28, Self-Reliance vs. Self-Reliance

Week 29, Self-Effort, Too, Is Needed

Week 30, Do You Need a Guru?

Week 31, How Democratic Is Truth?

Week 32, Does God Hide the Truth?

Week 33, Does Satan Exist?

Week 34, How Should We Meet Our Tests?

Week 35, Who Are True Christians?

Week 36, Ego—Friend or Foe?

Week 37, Truth Invites; It Never Commands

Week 38, Intuition Is Simple: The Intellect Is Complex

Week 39, Many Are The Pathways to Truth

Week 40, In Surrender Lies Victory!

Week 41, Victory Demands the Courage of Conviction

Week 42, First Things First

Week 43, What Is the Best Way to Pray?

Week 44, Why Tell God Anything, When He Knows Everything?

Week 45, Faith Is a Call to Prayer; Prayer Is a Call to Faith

Week 46, The Promise of the Scriptures

Week 47, Reincarnation—the Spiral Staircase

Week 48, The Law of Karma—Bondage, or Soul-Release

Week 49, What Is It, to Fail Spiritually?

Week 50, Living in the Presence of God

Week 51, What Was the Star of Bethlehem?

Week 52, The Divine Ascension

Week 53, The Last Commandment

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