Table of Contents

A Renunciate Order for the New Age

A Breakthrough in the Evolution of Consciousness
by Swami Kriyananda


  1. My Intention
  2. The Dilemma
  3. Colors
  4. Institutions and the Individual
  5. Samsara vs. Renunciation
  6. Men, Women
  7. The Main Delusions, Including the “Greatest” One
  8. A Step at a Time
  9. Transcending the Ego
  10. Truthfulness
  11. The Sex Issue Revisited
  12. The Stages to Sannyas
  13. The Habit
  14. The Widespread Need for Renunciation
  15. A Need for Proper Education
  16. A Vision of the Future
  17. The Vows of Renunciation
  18. An Invitation to Swamis

Appendix—Married Swamis
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