Table of Contents

Sadhu, Beware!

A New Approach to Renunciation
by Swami Kriyananda

I. Ananda Sangha

II. Humility

III. Developing Humility

IV. Techniques of Ego-Transcendence

V. How to Be an "Ego-Detective"

VI. The Advantages of Formal Renunciation

VII. The Disadvantages of Formal Renunciation

VIII. The Tally

IX. Two Stages of Brahmacharya

X. A Suggested Rite of Passage

XI. The Second Brahmacharya

XII. Specific Suggestions for the Practice of Brahmacharya

XIII. How to Be a "Temptation Detective"

XIV. Poverty vs. Simplicity

XV. Techniques for Dealing with Money

XVI. Obedience

XVII. The Rule of Cooperative Obedience

XVIII. How to Be an "Attitudes Detective"

XIX. Attunement

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