Table of Contents

The New Path

My Life with Paramhansa Yogananda
by Swami Kriyananda

Preface to The New Path
Foreword to The Path, 1977
List of Illustrations

Part I

1. The Pilgrim Whittles His Staff
2. He Sets Out from Home
3. Storm Clouds
4. A Temporary Haven
5. The Storm Breaks
6. A Paper Rest House: the “Popularity Game”
7. To Thine Own Search Be True
8. Joy Is the Goal
9. He Gathers Strength for the Climb
10. Intellectual Traps
11. By-Paths
12. “Who Am I? What Is God?”
13. A Search for Guide-Maps
14. Joy Is Inside!
15. A Map Discovered
16. The Pilgrim Meets His Guide

Part II

17. Mt. Washington Estates
18. First Impressions
19. The First Days of a Neophyte
20. Twenty-Nine Palms
21. Paramhansa Yogananda
22. Renunciation
23. God Protects His Devotees
24. True Teaching Is Individual
25. Work vs. Meditation
26. The Ministry
27. Attunement
28. Reincarnation
29. Gardens—Mundane and Spiritual
30. A Divine Test
31. The Bhagavad Gita
32. “I Am Spirit”
33. “Original Christianity”
34. Kriya Yoga
35. Organizing the Monks
36. The Wave and the Ocean
37. The Guru’s Reminiscences
38. His Last Days

Part III

39. Spiritual Service
40. A New Way of Life

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