Table of Contents

Two Souls: Four Lives

The Lives and Former Lives of Paramhansa Yogananda and his disciple, Swami Kriyananda
by Catherine Kairavi


Part I: William: Conqueror or Reformer?

  1. The Past Revealed
  2. A Righteous Warrior, and a Noble Cause
  3. “A Lie Agreed Upon”
  4. “A Flowering Youth”—Intimations of Greatness
  5. The Testing Ground of Normandy
  6. The Strength to Mold His Times
  7. Rebuilding the Moral Authority of the Church
  8. A Tangled Web—The English Kings Preceding William
  9. The Rightful Heir to the Throne
  10. Signs and Portents
  11. His Divine Birthright
  12. Establishing His Rule: “A Gracious Liege Lord”
  13. 1069: A Kingdom Hangs in the Balance
  14. The New Forest: A Vision for the Future
  15. Archbishop Lanfranc and King William: A Harmony of Church and State
  16. Domesday Book—What Manner of Land and Men Has England?
  17. The Problem of Succession: Who Will Provide the Vision?
  18. William’s Death, Henry I, and the Birth of the English Nation

Part II: The Life of Henry: His Princehood

  1. The Winding Path of Reincarnation
  2. The Treacherous Road to the Throne of England
  3. 1089: Henry’s Imprisonment
  4. The Saving of Rouen: The Players Show Their Hands
  5. A Brother’s Jealousy
  6. An Unexpected Haven
  7. The Shifting Balance of Power
  8. Robert Curthose and William Rufus
  9. The Death of Rufus

Part III: The Life of King Henry I of England

  1. A New King
  2. Fulfilling a Father’s Prediction
  3. Bishops, Queens, and Pawns
  4. Battles and Alliances
  5. The Divine Role of Kings
  6. Henry’s “New Men”
  7. Invasion of Normandy: Reuniting His Father’s Kingdom
  8. Peace Through Justice
  9. Losses and Betrayals
  10. The White Ship Tragedy
  11. Holding the Reins During Rebellion
  12. Three Decades of Peace
  13. The Passing of King Henry I

Part IV: Their Reincarnations

  1. “I Come to Destroy Evil and Establish Virtue”
  2. Yogananda’s Mission in the Present Age
  3. The Spiritual “Invasion” of America
  4. Yogananda’s Contribution
  5. Past Karma and Present Challenges
  6. A Guru-Given Destiny
  7. After Yogananda’s Passing
  8. The Storm Breaks
  9. Intentional Communities
  10. King Henry and Swami Kriyananda: Similarities

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