The Land of Golden Sunshine
An Allegory of Soul-Yearning

Swami Kriyananda (J. Donald Walters)

The Land of Golden Sunshine

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Paperback, 87 pages (4½" x 6⅜")
ISBN 978-1-56589-190-6
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The Land of Golden Sunshine is a poetic treasure, cherished by thousands of readers over many years.

In this intensely affecting parable, Lisa, a young girl, is asked to choose between two eternally contrasting worlds: that of material pursuits, and that of endless happiness and love—a spiritual "land of golden sunshine." Like Lisa, all those who sincerely seek truth will sooner or later hear in their soul the call to a higher life. How, if you hear the call, will you respond?

Swami Kriyananda was known throughout the world as a spiritual teacher, lecturer, and author. He was widely known also as a singer, composer, poet, and playwright.

He first wrote The Land of Golden Sunshine when he was eighteen years old, following an inner experience that he described at the time as revelation. Although the story has undergone extensive poetic revision, including many changes for this edition, in its essential details it remains unchanged.