Listening to Nature
How to Deepen Your Awareness of Nature

Joseph Bharat Cornell

Listening to Nature

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Paperback, 120 pages (7" x 10")
ISBN 978-1-56589-281-1
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Coming Soon! Publication date is June 2014.

This new edition of Listening to Nature will help you experience more fully the serenity and mystery of the natural world.

Joseph Bharat Cornell, author of the bestselling Sharing Nature with Children, has revised and updated this sensitive yet lively guidebook to a deeper awareness of nature. You will learn how to get the feel of nature through inspiring quotations from famous naturalists, brand-new and stunning photography, and Cornell’s ever-popular nature awareness activities—simple, enjoyable exercises that give you a direct, personal experience of the wonder and joy of nature.

You do not have to be in the wilderness to do these activities. In fact, you can do many of them while driving or walking to work. As you use these activities, more and more, your receptivity will increase, and you'll begin to see beauty in the most common things.

Use this book and its gentle encouragement for personal meditation, or as an aid for teaching nature awareness to children and adults. Through this book you will learn to be still and silent, to absorb the wonder of your natural surroundings. You will feel and appreciate—and become one with—the great outdoors: its woodlands, mountains, streams, and fields. Let this book transport your spirit to the heart of crystal clear springs and ancient forests—and to your own still center, deep within.

Listening to Nature belongs on the bookshelves of all nature lovers.

Joseph Bharat Cornell has won international acclaim through his landmark book, Sharing Nature with Children, which has sold half a million copies. Since its publication in 1979, Cornell has toured worldwide, offering his popular nature awareness workshops to thousands of teachers, parents, youth leaders, and naturalists. A prominent environmental educator describes him as “without a doubt one of the most inspiring educators in the field today. His unique blend of knowledge and warmth creates an atmosphere for learning that is very contagious.”

What Others Are Saying

“This man is connected to the heart of our planet, and the Earth’s wisdom shines through him.”
New Texas Magazine

“Reverence and respect for the nature life forces permeates Joseph Cornell’s writings. He shares… ways to experience the joy and expansion of being one and at home with our Earth.”
"One Earth", Findhorn Foundation Magazine

“Joseph Cornell has a gift for sensitizing others to their natural world—and to their inner world.”
Douglas Wood, author of Grandad's Prayers of the Earth

“This is absolutely the best awareness of nature book I’ve ever seen.”
Whole Earth Review

“Joseph Cornell is one of the most highly regarded nature educators in the world today.”
 —Backpacker magazine

“Listening to Nature offers a doorway to silent contemplation and relaxation. It deserves a space on the shelf next to the writings of John Muir, Aldo Leopold, and other great naturalists.”
 —Alberta Naturalist

“This book is a splendid masterpiece that captures the “Oneness” we are all seeking to achieve with Nature.”
 —Tom Brown, Jr., author of The Tracker

“Listening to Nature gives people a dynamic experience of their unity with the natural world. I heartily recommend it to anyone who desires a deeper relationship with the Earth.”
 —Alaska Natural History Association

“A work of art and of the heart!”
Candace Sibcy, naturalist and nature photographer