Sharing Nature
Nature Awareness Activities for All Ages

Joseph Bharat Cornell

Sharing Nature

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Paperback, 216 pages (5½" x 8½")
ISBN 978-1-56589-287-3
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evergreen medal Gold Star Indie Award
Winner, 2016 Green Book Festival Award in the How-To category

Winner, 2016 Grand Prize: Indie Book Awards in the Non-Fiction category

Winner, 2016 Indie Book Award in the Science/Nature/Environment category

Winner, 2016 Indie Book Award in the Parenting/Family category

Winner, 2016 Silver Nautilus Award in the Animals & Nature category

Winner, 2016 Silver Evergreen Medal in the Nature Conservation category

Shortlisted, 2016 Green Earth Book Award in the Young Adult Nonfiction category

Finalist, 2016 INDIEFAB Book of the Year Award in the Nature category

Sharing Nature with Children
sparked a worldwide revolution in nature education. Now that classic has been completely rewritten, with many added new activities—and combined with Sharing Nature with Children II—to make a treasury of some of Joseph's best-loved nature games for children and adults, in one complete volume.

“Cornell’s highly influential guidebook, Sharing Nature with Children, is elevated to a new plateau in this special, all-ages-included 35th anniversary edition.” —Richard Louv, Chairman Emeritus, Children & Nature Network, author of Last Child in the Woods

Essential, easy to use, Sharing Nature is nature awareness made simple, and an extraordinary resource for anyone who would like to get in touch with the land, trees, and mountains. Give a friend or a child an experience of Nature he will remember the rest of his life.

Sharing Nature is:
• Easy and fun to use for all ages
• Perfect for parents, educators, and outdoor leaders

Joseph Cornell has won international acclaim through his landmark book, Sharing Nature with Children. Since its publication in 1979, Cornell has toured worldwide, offering his popular nature awareness workshops to tens of thousands of teachers, parents, youth leaders, and naturalists. A prominent environmental educator describes him as “one of the most inspiring educators in the field today.” He is the founder and president of Sharing Nature Worldwide, one of the planet’s most widely respected nature awareness programs.

What Others Are Saying

“Cornell has devised ingenious nature-based games that . . . celebrate mystery, quiet attention, observation, and the possibility of revelation.”
Richard Louv, author of The Nature Principle, Chairman Emeritus, Children & Nature Network

“One of the greatest gifts we can give children of any age is a deep kinship with the living world. And one of the best places to start is with this wonderful book. In Sharing Nature, Joseph Cornell offers a treasure trove of games and activities that tap into children's natural curiosity, imagination, and wonder. This is a delightful and indeed, essential guidebook for parents, teachers, and youth leaders.”
Jean MacGregor, Environmental Educator, The Evergreen State College

“The Sharing Nature movement that Cornell pioneered has now expanded to countries all over the globe. Recommended by Boy Scouts of America, American Camping Association . . . and many others.”
Southern Maryland Parent Line

“Cornell’s long-standing work and vision have nourished the roots of the emerging worldwide movement to reconnect children and nature.” 
Cheryl Charles, Past President and Co-Founder, Children & Nature Network 

“Joseph Cornell is one of the most highly regarded nature educators in the world today.”
Backpacker magazine

“Joseph Cornell brings to life his ‘Flow Learning’ teaching strategy in the 35th anniversary edition of Sharing Nature. This expanded volume reflects Cornell's years of experience and refinement in using his nature games to create highly enriching field trip learning experiences for the thousands of students we've taken outdoors to connect with the natural world. His keen insight into the dynamics of learning, no matter one's age, creates a more fruitful and lasting understanding of any nature topic.” 
Sue Eisaguirre, Founder & Executive Director NatureTrack Foundation

“The use of Flow Learning makes education about the environment a joy to teach. People’s faces light up with sheer joy and inner understanding.” 
David Tribe, Environmental Education Consultant, Department of Education, New South Wales, Australia

“I have been using Joseph Cornell’s 'Sharing Nature' activities with both children and adults for over thirty years. As a classroom teacher, environmental educator, and national park ranger, I often receive feedback, even years later, as to how important these experiences have been in people’s lives. Now Joseph has combined his two books, Sharing Nature with Children and Sharing the Joy of Nature, along with additional activities, into one volume, with a fresh new format. This book should be an essential part of every teacher’s, naturalist’s, and parent’s library. It is a treasure for those who strive to inspire children to enjoy and embrace the wonder of our natural world.”
Frank Helling, U.S. National Park naturalist, storyteller, and educator


“With his brilliant and innovative style of storytelling, Joseph Cornell has made nature education fun for learners. This book will be loved by students, teachers, and nature enthusiasts alike, in every part of the globe.”
S.P. Yadav, Indian Forest Service, Assistant Secretary General, Global Tiger Forum

“This classic volume belongs on any short list of the most important environmental books—instead of dire warnings or policy prescriptions, it offers the gift of a more direct connection to the natural world. That connection, once made, is one of the things that can power the movement we need!”
Bill McKibben, Founder of, author of Deep Economy

“The Sharing Nature approach and games not only reconnect us with nature, but also with the profound natural wisdom of our planetary ancestors.”
Sky Lau, Founder, Gaia Association, Hong Kong

"The book that infuses joy, direct experience, and love into environmental education." —Janet Carrier Ady, Senior Program and Policy Advisor, National Conservation Training Center, US Fish and Wildlife Service

"I use the activities in this book with my university students (preservice teachers and naturalists in training) every semester. Why? Because it's accessible, fun, engaging, thoughtfully designed, and an excellent introduction to inquiry-based, hands-on, cooperative learning."
—Rocky Rohwedder, Ph.D., Professor, Environmental Science, Sonoma State University