The Sky and Earth Touched Me
SharingNature© Wellness Exercises

Joseph Bharat Cornell

The Sky and Earth Touched Me

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Paperback, 160 pages (5.5" x 8.5")
ISBN 978-1-56589-282-8
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Coming Soon! Publication date is June 2014.

Wild seashores and woodlands calm and refresh our spirits. Contact with nature enhances our wholeness and well-being. The powerful, compelling exercises in this book can help readers become immersed in nature’s joyful and healing presence.
Read The Sky and Earth Touched Me in a garden, backyard, or park. Part One is designed for personal practice; Part Two can be shared with a friend or a group. Practice these exercises, and discover invaluable nature awareness principles.
Joseph Bharat Cornell wrote the bestselling classic, Sharing Nature with Children, and founded Sharing Nature Worldwide. His international seminars make nature accessible for all ages.  

What Others Are Saying

“The same spirit of playful mindfulness that Joseph Cornell has used to connect millions of children with the outdoors he now offers to us all. This book is a gift!”
Bill McKibben, Founder, environmentalist

"The Sky and Earth Touched Me is an excellent guidebook for those who wish to live in harmony with nature. The wonderful exercises in this book—such as Expanding Circles and Vibrant Peace Walk—calm us, and help us feel oneness with the world around us."
Masahito Yoshida, Professor, World Heritage Studies, University of Tsukuba;
Executive Director, Nature Conservation Society of Japan;
Chairman, International Union for Conservation of Nature in Japan

"As a teacher, naturalist, and storyteller, I have used Joseph Cornell’s Sharing Nature books as the core of much of my work. Now, with The Sky and Earth Touched Me, Joseph shows how to connect with nature on an even deeper level. I will use the techniques in this book in my own life, and share them with others—spreading them like ripples on a pond to create a more peaceful, kind, loving, and sustainable world. This book is an instruction manual for all who wish to live in harmony with Planet Earth."
Frank Helling, U.S. National Park naturalist, storyteller, and educator

"I think we have all had, at least once, a magical experience in nature. In the right mood, entranced by nature's beguiling beauty, our attention became wholly immersed in the moment. But more often we bring our thoughts and worries into nature with us, and though physically present, our minds are elsewhere. Cornell's book is full of simple practices that help us to lay aside our thoughts and worries and become truly present amidst the wonder—and recapture the soul-expanding magic of communing with Nature."—Joseph Selbie, author of The Yugas and the Protectors Diaries series

The Sky and Earth Touched Me will profoundly connect you to Nature in a way you most likely have never previously experienced. Joseph Cornell not only shares his intimate knowledge of Nature with the reader, but shares how to connect with Nature in a uniquely experiential manner. This is not a book to read and put on a shelf—this is a book to experience.  Whatever you do, take the time to step into Nature and  enjoy the exercises Joseph has designed to connect you to the joy and peace of Nature available to us all."
Karl Sniady, President, The Coaches Training Institute

"Information and guidance is essential in our personal and collective work to protect and sustain nature.  Equally important, if not more so, is the inspiration and energy derived from aligning with an internal compass that can immeasurably inspire and enhance our actions.   Such “internal alignment” generates the synergy required  in this era as we work on issues that may seem overwhelming. We need both quality and quantity of accomplishment in our work to reconcile human society and wild nature—The Sky and Earth Touched Me beautifully points us in that direction."
Vance G. Martin, President, The WILD Foundation

“Read the book and be inspired; do the activities and be transformed!”
Kathryn Gann, Director, Theosophical Society of America

The Sky and Earth Touched Me is a phenomenal book. After reading it from cover to cover, I intend to absorb its every nuance over the coming months and years. Cornell’s book is going to be a Nature-Bible-Workbook for us here at University of the Living Tree, which we will use for inspiration and as a reference tool for workshops and courses. Profound and movingly written, it is presented with clarity and simplicity. “Enriching, awakening, and life-changing nature experiences.”
Roderic Knowles, author, Gospel of the Living Tree, Ireland

"Joseph Cornell offers accessible and simple techniques for remembering and reclaiming your Joy of Being in his new book, The Earth and the Sky Touched Me. Practice these offerings with your friends and family; and see if you can overcome the constant barrage of chatter in your own mind to become still, peaceful, and harmonious, with the love and enchantment available to all of us in nature, if we are still and aware enough to pay attention."
Kristy Fassler Hect, ND

"In this time of increasing environmental and social unsustainability, The Sky and Earth Touched Me is an excellent resource to help people reconnect and relate deeply to nature, including other people, and through these experiences to love and care for creation. Through Cornell’s wellness exercises that deepen peoples’ psycho-spiritual relationships with nature will come new understandings and purposes for living that include healing, hope, and restoration in this time of increasing unsustainability of human civilization as we know it.”
James E. Crowfoot, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Natural Resources and Urban and Regional Planning, Dean Emeritus, School of Natural Resources and Environment University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, MI and Former President of Antioch College, Yellow Springs, Ohio

"Joseph Bharat Cornell takes us on a deeply engaging guided journey to become a participant in the play of nature, rather than a back-row observer. He does it not by giving us another book on animal behavior or nature stories, but by gently helping us shed what separates us from nature. He then shows us how to embrace the soul of nature, or more accurately, how to let nature's soul embrace us. Rather than taking strolls in the woods, we are going to become the woods. No longer will we have to be content with catching only occasional glimpses of animals—we will find that they are more relaxed around us, more willing to go about their normal activities while we watch. With each exercise in the book, we will feel less strangers to nature and more as though we are renewing an old and soul-satisfying relationship."
Tamarack Song, author of Entering the Mind of the Tracker and Song of the Trusting Heart