The Superconsciousness Collection

Swami Kriyananda

The Superconsciousness Collection

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The Superconsciousness Collection Includes:

  • Tradepaper book (272 pages), Awaken to Superconsciousness
  • Music CD with 23 compositions (running time 65 min), Music to Awaken Superconsciousness
  • Audio CD with two guided meditations (running time 40 min), Meditations to Awaken Superconsciousness


Open To Superconsciousness, and the "...Infinitude of Your Own Being."

It was Shankara, the revered Vedic scholar and "master of all the sciences," who in the 8th century first described the koshas, or "sheathes," that encapsulate human consciousness. Through deep techniques of spiritual inquiry, he observed that these koshas may be peeled away, like the layers of an onion. There we find infallibly "...the final haven of inexhaustibly blissful Spirit." This superconscious state may be realized – by you or anyone – through the same methods of inner inquiry developed by Shankara and other master teachers. In The Superconsciousness Collection, you will join Swami Kriyananda for immersion in the Self -realization techniques that make superconscious living possible.


Who Are You in Your Highest Reality?

We have all experienced moment s of intense awareness, where time and space stand still. These "peak experiences" allow us to glimpse the central reality of our existence: superconsciousness. In Awaken to Superconsciousness, you will learn how it is possible to live your life as one continuous peak experience—project your awareness beyond your self – and dramatically advance your spiritual evolution. Written in plain language, this bestselling hardcover edition encompasses the principles, meditations, and inner techniques required for realizing your ultimate potential. What is the secret of self-transcendence? Is superconsciousness an "altered state?" How is decreased awareness linked to depression and illness? What are the eight stages in meditation? Are there specific inner techniques for neutralizing negative influences? What does the superconscious state feel like? How should I handle visions? In 18 authoritative chapters—over 260 pages of learning—Awaken to Superconsciousness unifies the chants, prayers, and methods of the greatest "inner explorers " with step-by-step guidance to help you meet today 's greatest spiritual challenge.


"Tune In" to Your Superconscious Mind with Music

Now create the ideal atmosphere for your daily practice with Music to Awaken Superconsciousness, a CD collection of 23 instrumental compositions from Swami Kriyananda. Performed with keyboards, harp, cello, violin, and other instruments, Music to Awaken Superconsciousness expresses the many aspects of the superconscious mind, while creating the perfect vibratory setting for deep attunement.


Superconscious Meditations

Gain the everyday benefits of superconscious meditation—such as profound inner peace, increased energy, and great powers of concentration and intuition. With meditations designed to reveal the ever-expanding light of cosmic awareness, this is the only guided meditation compact disc specifically for the practice of superconscious living. Includes two extended meditations presented by Swami Kriyananda.


Topics and Highlights

  • The central reality
  • Consciousness vs. thought
  • Matter and energy
  • Research of J. C. Bose and Karl Boenhoeffer
  • Divine vision
  • The one and only state of consciousness
  • Upward relaxation
  • "The kingdom of God is Within"
  • Heaven, Hell, and the spine
  • Call of the sacred
  • The spine as magnet
  • Gravitational pull of Divine Grace
  • Overcoming the "Hamlet complex"
  • How to remember past lives
  • Locating your center
  • Desire, attachment, and vortices
  • Navi kriya meditation technique
  • What is a miracle?
  • How to direct healing energy
  • The law of magnetism
  • Why "chanting is half the battle"
  • And more