Chakras for Starters
Unlock the Hidden Doors to Peace & Well-Being

Savitri Simpson

Chakras for Starters

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CD, 74 minutes (Spoken)
ISBN 1-56589-200-3
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The chakras are our seven internal energy centers that store information and distribute life force throughout the brain and body. They influence every aspect of our lives: our physical health or lack of it, our psychological hang-ups, and even our destructive or beneficial habits and attitudes. By learning how to open the chakra "doorways" you can transform your body, mind, and spirit.

This recording offers a clear explanation of what the chakras are and how they function. It also includes a variety of practical, hands-on guided meditations and visualizations for each chakra, allowing you to quickly and easily feel the healing power deep within you. Each meditation is accompanied by the peace-filled music of world-famous composer Swami Kriyanada (J. Donald Walters).

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