Devotion and Spiritual Growth

Swami Kriyananda

Devotion and Spiritual Growth

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CD, 77 minutes (Spoken)
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In this talk Swami goes right to the heart of our teachings: how to love God more. He reminds us that God doesn't care what we know, but how much we love. Divine Mother likes simple devotion, and in prayer she responds to the quality of our hearts, not our words. He also explains that when we meditate with just our minds it doesn't feed the soul; we must meditate with devotion! Thus in our spiritual practices, we need to lift our hearts in devotion to God, and we will hear His response. Swami also talks about how once we get seriously on the spiritual path, God begins challenging us to surrender our attachments. He does this not to bring us pain, but to help us avoid the greater pain of living a life without Him. This is part of the divine romance.


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