Meditation Therapy
Health and Healing, Relationships, Stress and Change

Jyotish Novak

Meditation Therapy

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DVD, 105 minutes (NTSC)
ISBN 978-1-56589-192-0
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Change is the only constant in the Universe...

Our lives-personally and professionally, emotionally and spiritually, outwardly and inwardly-are in a continuous state of flux. With this stream of changes come levels of stress that can cause a variety of physical and mental difficulties. Effectively dealing with his is one of the most important lessons we can learn.

With this complete Meditation Therapy DVD you will learn:

  • How to relax;
  • How to draw rejuvenating energy;
  • How to meet, without stress, the inevitable challenges of everyday life.

While practicing the techniques taught on this DVD, you will experience immediate, life-changing results.

Three Meditation Therapy routines on one DVD:

  • Emotional Health
  • Relationships
  • Stress and Change

Meditation Therapy™ is a new approach to finding lasting solutions to our deepest problems and concerns. Combining the power of deep meditation practice with the insights of psychology, Meditation Therapy™ will help you enrich your relationships in lasting ways.