Contemporary sitar master, Agni, and acclaimed tabla player, Lewis Howard use the soothing sounds of Indian music to take you on an inward journey to greater vitality.

Features flowing, gently energizing music which like the sun rising over the mountains, softly awakens you, recharges your mind and body, and helps you remain calmly energetic throughout the day. Perfect any time you need a lift.

“In the tradition of Indian music, ragas (which means to color the mind) were composed for different times of day. This was sort of like our modern concept of biorhythms, where the music is designed to reflect the mood and energy of that time of day. Himalayan Sunrise is based on this theory, capturing the energy of the beginning of the day, signaling a renewed sense of vitality, vigor and fresh energy. You can almost feel the sun coming up over the horizon, beginning to color the world as the light slowly spreads its reach over the shadows and fog to give shape and form to our surroundings. As the tracks progress, you can feel the energy level shift subtly at first, then rise more steadily until you are at a higher level of awareness.

“Using only the sitar, tamboura and tables, the rich textures and colors of the music that Agni and Lewis Howard create is amazing. The combination of drone sounds and melodies are mesmerizing, allowing the listener to hear not only the sweet, high notes of the stringed instruments, but the many varieties of pitch Howard manages to evoke from the tabla, so that his drum seems to sing with the sitar. This is a wonderfully engaging album that compliments morning workouts quite well.

“In the liner notes, they suggest concentrating on the music, really listening and then observing how your mood or thoughts have changed from listening to it. This ancient technique has as much to offer as the latest technology, and the music that contains this mood altering formula is pleasing to listen to, gently helping to awaken you to full attention.”

New Age Voice Magazine