Astrology & The Yugas

“Astrology is the study of man’s response to planetary stimuli. The stars have no conscious benevolence or animosity; they merely send forth positive and negative radiations... and offer a lawful channel for the outward operation of cause-effect equilibriums which each man has set into motion in the past.”

— Sri Yukteswar to Paramhansa Yogananda,
in Autobiography of a Yogi

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Your Sun Sign as a Spiritual Guide

Your Sun Sign as a Spiritual Guide

Swami Kriyananda

Hailed by many astrologers as a classic, this book not only maps our strengths and weaknesses, but also reveals the true purpose of astrology.

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The Yugas

The Yugas
Keys to Understanding Our Hidden Past, Emerging Energy Age, and Enlightened Future

Joseph Selbie & David Steinmetz

With far-reaching changes happening on virtually a daily basis, many are wondering if we are due for a world-changing global shift, and what the future holds for mankind.


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Through Many Lives

Through Many Lives
A Tale of Time Travel Through the Yugas

Savitri Simpson

A captivating time-travel adventure, based on the revolutionary “cycles of time” or “yuga” theory propounded by Paramhansa Yogananda and Sri Yukteswar.

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