“Life is glorious; life is beautiful, if you will only find God beneath the debris of matter. God is hidden behind the moon and the sun and the stars. There is no other way to uncover God except by real devotion and meditation.”

— Paramhansa Yogananda, from the book
Karma & Reincarnation

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What is meditation?

Swami Kriyananda

Meditation is to religion what the laboratory is to physics or chemistry. Whether one follows the outward forms of religion depends more or less on personal taste, but whether one seeks in his life some of religion's practical, inner benefits is a matter of life or living death.
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Why Meditate?

Swami Kriyananda

Think how many things you do with the hope of attaining a condition of rest, once you've done them.You think, "Let me buy that zippy red sports car, or that shiny white compact model, or that beautiful big station wagon for the whole family. I'll never rest until I get it!"
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Work vs Meditation

Swami Kriyananda

"Master once taught me a good lesson on the attitude we should hold toward our work." Mrs. Vera Brown (now Meera Mata), an advanced older disciple whom Master had made responsible for training some of the newer ones, was sharing with me a few of her experiences with our guru.
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