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“The secret of radiant health is proper diet. Eat foods that are rich in vitality – especially fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid over-eating in general, and avoid stale or over-cooked foods. Eat fewer meats. Choose foods that are rich in life-force or prana and fuel your inner radiance and well-being.”

— Swami Kriyananda, Secrets of Radiant Health

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The Importance of Right Diet

Swami Kriyananda

Go into any supermarket and examine the labels on the countless attractive packages. Look to see what the ingredients are, and note the various chemicals that are added to preserve the food, to make it tastier, to add color, etc. Still the whole story has not been told.
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Why Become Vegetarian?

Blanche Agassy McCord

Perhaps once considered a strange lifestyle in Western culture, vegetarianism is now quite common in our society. Though each person's decision to adopt a vegetarian diet is usually based on a combination of reasons uniquely his or hers, there are three primary concerns that vegetarians may have considered. These are improved health, ethical and environmental concerns, and spiritual convictions.
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