Who Created Evil? What Is the Purpose of Evil in Our Lives?

What Is Evil and Who Created It? “Master,” inquired a disciple, “what purpose does evil serve in God’s creation? Surely the Lord is a God of goodness and love. Is it possible, that, as certain modern writers claim, He doesn’t know evil?” Sri Yogananda chuckled. “God would have to be very stupid not to know evil! He, Who sees the … Read More

News: Crystal Clarity Is Moving to Los Angeles!

Dear Friend, We are excited to inform you that Crystal Clarity Publishers is moving to Los Angeles! Crystal Clarity is dedicated to teaching principles and practices that help individuals develop an expanded, divine awareness, and to demonstrate practically how to apply these principles to every facet of life: business, family, health, education, and spirituality. Our offerings, based on the spiritual … Read More

How to Pray Until You Get a Response from God

You Have Unlimited Power Resurrect your soul from the dream of frailties. Resurrect your soul in eternal wisdom. You have unlimited power; you must cultivate that power. Meditation is the way to resurrect your soul from the bondage of the body and all your trials. Meditate at the feet of the Infinite. Learn to saturate yourself with God. Your trials … Read More

How to Get God to Reveal Himself

The Mind, Meditating Upon the Infinite, Becomes Unlimited Because of long concentration upon the little body and its necessities, the soul has forgotten ifs omnipresent nature. God is omnipresent. Man’s soul, made in His image, has in it the seed experience of omnipresence. That omnipresence is hidden in the little soul as a tree is secreted in a small seed. … Read More

Meditate Deeply Until God Comes to You: the Surest Signs of God’s Presence

Meditate Deeply Until God Comes to You You have wandered in the wilderness of distraction, far from your home of peace. You are a prodigal son who wants to go back to your home of happiness. The Father is waiting. Do not be a beggar imprisoned within the self-erected walls of limitations. Break the walls. Try to be a good … Read More

How Can a Finite Cause Have an Infinite Effect? Yogananda on the Karmic Law, Heaven, Hell, and Human Suffering

The Karmic Law Is Exact: How Can a Finite Cause Have an Infinite Effect? A visitor: “The Bible says that evildoers shall be punished, and the good, rewarded. Do you subscribe to this teaching?” Paramhansa Yogananda: “Certainly. If we accept the principle of cause and effect in Nature, and of action and reaction in physics, how can we not believe … Read More

You Are Only a Visitor Here: Your Homeland Is Infinity

Your Homeland Is Infinity “These few years of your earth life are just so many seconds compared to the eons before you were born, and to the endless reaches of time still to come, long after you leave this world. “Why be identified with this brief material interlude? These are not your body, your family, your country. You are only … Read More

You Were Not Born to Make Money, Have Children, and Then Die!

Remember the Vastness of Spirit within You “Those who are immersed in body-consciousness are like strangers in a foreign land. Our native country is Omnipresence. On earth we are but travelers—guests on a brief visit. “Unfortunately, most people make undesirable guests of themselves! They insist on monopolizing a small portion of this earth as their very own. Their constant thought … Read More

Yogananda’s Wise and Loving Guidance on How to Defeat Anger

When You Are Angry, See the Other Person as a Child of God Anger is not an antidote for anger. A strong wrath may bring suppression of a weaker wrath, but it will never kill it. When you are angry, say nothing. Think of anger as a disease, like a cold, and break it up with mental warm baths by … Read More