Best Way to Destroy Nervousness by Paramhansa Yogananda, The

Nervousness Interferes with the Functioning of the Body and Mind Nervousness appears to be a simple ailment, but in reality it is very complicated and very uncomfortable. If you are nervous, it is difficult to heal any disease you might have. If you are nervous, you cannot concentrate and work efficiently to attain success. If you are nervous, you cannot … Read More

Buddha and the Courtesan by Paramhansa Yogananda

Buddha and the Courtesan Buddha and his disciples underwent a curious incident which left the disciples, for a time, puzzled as to the character of their Master. The Buddha and his disciples were all vowed to celibacy and the renunciation of carnal love. And yet, one day, when the great Buddha and his disciples were resting in the cool shade … Read More

How to Love with God’s Heart by Paramhansa Yogananda

Extending the Kingdom of Your Heart To feel God, you must extend the territory of heart-felt feeling itself. You feel, at present, only with your own heart. Try every day to feel more and more also with the heart of others. Feel their woes, their struggles, their joys, their fulfillments. To feel the heart of others means that you must … Read More

Yogananda on How Foods Affect Us Spiritually and Psychologically

Diet and Disposition Our diet affects our state of mind either favorably or unfavorably, and whatever affects our state of mind affects our disposition. It is necessary to eat the proper food in order to make a proper brain as well as a proper body. All food has some effect on the mind. The human machine is not unlike an … Read More

Yogananda on the Best Diet to Strengthen Your Immune System and Improve Your Health

Right Attitude toward Diet We must strike a balance between non-attachment to outer things and sensible concern for our present realities. So long as a person is centered in body-consciousness, he must take sensible care of his body. It is important spiritually, also, to take reasonable physical precautions. Proper diet, proper exercise, fresh air, and sunlight: these things are necessary … Read More

Healing Power of Faith by Paramhansa Yogananda, The

No Disease Is Incurable No disease is incurable. Some diseases are beyond the reach of medicines, which by nature are limited. When a disease is persistent and long lasting, and medical aid and other ordinary methods fail to cure it, it is then called chronic or incurable. The deficiency in the medicine and its inability to cure are illogically transferred … Read More

Union with God through Marriage by Paramhansa Yogananda

Spiritual Marriage Means Union with God, Soul, and Spirit Spiritual marriage means union with God, soul, and spirit. Marriage is not a man-made law. It is God-made. Man has abused the high purpose of marriage. Marriage means unity on the physical, mental, and spiritual planes. If you attract a person by spiritual magnetism, then you will meet your soul companion. … Read More

Yogananda on How to Defeat Fear and Unleash Your Eternal Powers

Fear Is a Mental Poison Fear is a mental poison …. Fear draws to itself objects of fear, as a magnet draws to itself pieces of iron. Fear intensifies and magnifies our physical pain and mental agonies a hundredfold. Fear is destructive to the heart, nervous system, and brain. It is destructive to mental initiative, courage, judgment, common sense, and … Read More

Calmness: the Secret to Ever-New Joy and Lasting Success

Calmness Leads to Peace, Harmony, and Success Many people know the way to peace and permanent happiness but are slow to follow it. They take lessons, then forget. Make use of your spiritual training. Live a godly life yourself, and everyone who crosses your path will be helped just by contact with you. If you want to live in peace … Read More

Two Simple Ways to Experience Joy, Calmness, Inner Security in an Uncertain World by Paramhansa Yogananda

Find Absolute Fulfillment in God Life is change. Remain ever calm within. Be even-minded. When working, be calmly active. Someday, you will know yourself to be subject no longer to the tides of Destiny. Your strength will come from within; you will not depend on outer incentives of any kind for motivation. As a devotee on the spiritual path, give … Read More