Three Ways to Live Your Full Potential by Paramhansa Yogananda

Desire God First The wakeful soul desires less and less, and finds his soul a sea of contentment. In noble desires, such as the desire to help others, however, the soul does not lose his peace, but rather finds his joy enlarged with the joys of those he has helped. Do not squander your soul’s peace by constantly running after … Read More

What Is Real Love?

What Is Real Love? Reflect always on this deep truth: You belong to no one, and no one belongs to you. You are on this earth for only a little while. Your real reason for being here is altogether different from anything you may have imagined. Your family claims you as its own. Should you die, however, and be reborn … Read More

What Is the Best Religion? Paramhansa Yogananda on the True Purpose of Religion

What Is the Best Religion? “What is the best religion?” queried a truth seeker. “Self-realization,” Yogananda replied. “Self-realization is, in fact, the only religion. For it is the true purpose of religion, no matter how people define their beliefs. “A person may be Christian or Jewish, Buddhist or Hindu, Muslim or Zoroastrian; he may proclaim that Jesus Christ is the … Read More

What Is Yoga? Paramhansa Yogananda on the Higher Teachings of Yoga

What Is Yoga? A visitor: “What is yoga?” Paramhansa Yogananda: “Yoga means union. Etymologically, it is connected to the English word yoke. Yoga means union with God, or, union of the little, ego-self with the divine Self, the infinite Spirit. “Most people in the West, and also many in India, confuse yoga with Hatha Yoga, the system of bodily postures. … Read More

Desirelessness: Yogananda’s Secret to Inner Freedom and Lasting Happiness

Will Life Be Boring If One Has No Desires? “If I had no desires,” asked a congregation member, “wouldn’t I lose all motivation, and become a sort of automaton?” “Many people imagine so,” Yogananda replied. “They think they’d have no further interest in life. But that isn’t what happens at all. Rather, you would find life to be infinitely more … Read More

Who Created Evil? What Is the Purpose of Evil in Our Lives?

What Is Evil and Who Created It? “Master,” inquired a disciple, “what purpose does evil serve in God’s creation? Surely the Lord is a God of goodness and love. Is it possible, that, as certain modern writers claim, He doesn’t know evil?” Sri Yogananda chuckled. “God would have to be very stupid not to know evil! He, Who sees the … Read More

News: Crystal Clarity Is Moving to Los Angeles!

Dear Friend, We are excited to inform you that Crystal Clarity Publishers is moving to Los Angeles! Crystal Clarity is dedicated to teaching principles and practices that help individuals develop an expanded, divine awareness, and to demonstrate practically how to apply these principles to every facet of life: business, family, health, education, and spirituality. Our offerings, based on the spiritual … Read More

How to Pray Until You Get a Response from God

You Have Unlimited Power Resurrect your soul from the dream of frailties. Resurrect your soul in eternal wisdom. You have unlimited power; you must cultivate that power. Meditation is the way to resurrect your soul from the bondage of the body and all your trials. Meditate at the feet of the Infinite. Learn to saturate yourself with God. Your trials … Read More

How to Get God to Reveal Himself

The Mind, Meditating Upon the Infinite, Becomes Unlimited Because of long concentration upon the little body and its necessities, the soul has forgotten ifs omnipresent nature. God is omnipresent. Man’s soul, made in His image, has in it the seed experience of omnipresence. That omnipresence is hidden in the little soul as a tree is secreted in a small seed. … Read More

Meditate Deeply Until God Comes to You: the Surest Signs of God’s Presence

Meditate Deeply Until God Comes to You You have wandered in the wilderness of distraction, far from your home of peace. You are a prodigal son who wants to go back to your home of happiness. The Father is waiting. Do not be a beggar imprisoned within the self-erected walls of limitations. Break the walls. Try to be a good … Read More