You Are Only a Visitor Here: Your Homeland Is Infinity

Your Homeland Is Infinity “These few years of your earth life are just so many seconds compared to the eons before you were born, and to the endless reaches of time still to come, long after you leave this world. “Why be identified with this brief material interlude? These are not your body, your family, your country. You are only … Read More

You Were Not Born to Make Money, Have Children, and Then Die!

Remember the Vastness of Spirit within You “Those who are immersed in body-consciousness are like strangers in a foreign land. Our native country is Omnipresence. On earth we are but travelers—guests on a brief visit. “Unfortunately, most people make undesirable guests of themselves! They insist on monopolizing a small portion of this earth as their very own. Their constant thought … Read More

Yogananda’s Wise and Loving Guidance on How to Defeat Anger

When You Are Angry, See the Other Person as a Child of God Anger is not an antidote for anger. A strong wrath may bring suppression of a weaker wrath, but it will never kill it. When you are angry, say nothing. Think of anger as a disease, like a cold, and break it up with mental warm baths by … Read More

Our Soul, Made in God’s Image, Is Ever Calm, Eternal, Undisturbed

The Soul, Made in God’s Image, Is Ever Calm, Eternal, Undisturbed Every individual has a soul and a body. Through delusion, he finds his soul identified with the body and thus all the conditions of the body. The body can be injured, changed, and destroyed; it is limited and short lasting. So the individual identified with the body thinks himself … Read More

Man’s Greatest Problem Is His Ego—His Consciousness of Individuality

The Guru Is Your ‘Spiritual Doctor’ “If you go to a doctor and get a prescription from him, but after you return home you tear it up and toss it away, how will you expect to get well? “The guru is your ‘spiritual doctor.’ It isn’t sufficient merely to have a guru. You must do what he tells you. It … Read More

Yogananda and the Silver Cup: Swami Vivekananda’s Promise Fulfilled

Yogananda’s Christmas Presents Gift-time! Presents from the earth’s far corners—Palestine,  Egypt, India, England, France, Italy. How laboriously had Mr. Wright counted the trunks at each foreign junction, that no pilfering hand receive the treasures intended for loved ones in America! One by one I distributed the gaily wrapped packages from the immense pile under the tree. “Sister Gyanamata!” I handed … Read More

Living on Light Not Food: Yogananda’s Meeting with the Indian Saint Who Never Eats

Living on Light—the Inner Food Divine The little saint seated herself cross-legged on the verandah. Though bearing the scars of age, she was not emaciated; her olive-colored skin had remained clear and healthy in tone. “Mother,” I said in Bengali, “for over twenty-five years I have thought eagerly of this very pilgrimage! I heard about your sacred life from Sthiti … Read More

You Are Endowed with Eternal Joy

The True Devotee Assembles a Mental Caravan of Noble Qualities The true devotee banishes faintheartedness. Resolutely he assembles a mental caravan of noble spiritual qualities, appointing Will Power and Devotion to the post of leadership, and set out on his journey. He knows with unshakable faith that, once he frees his heart from every vestige of desire, he will attain … Read More

Yogananda’s Loving Guidance: the Quickest Way to Success, Health, and Wisdom

Success, Health, Wisdom Are Natural Attributes of the Soul Success, health, and wisdom are the natural attributes of the soul. Identification with weak thoughts and habits, and lack of concentration, perseverance, and courage are responsible for the misery that people suffer due to poverty, ill health, and so forth. You are paralyzing your faculty for success by thoughts of fear. … Read More

How Do Yogis Perform Miracles? The Law of Miracles According to Paramhansa Yoganda

The Underlying Principle of the Universe and All Miracles In his famous equation outlining the equivalence of mass and energy, Einstein proved that the energy in any particle of matter is equal to its mass or weight multiplied by the square of the velocity of light. Light-velocity is a mathematical standard or constant not because there is an absolute value … Read More