"Behind the Scenes"

God Is for Everyone

Inspired by Paramhansa Yogananda
by Swami Kriyananda

This book was originally written by Paramhansa Yogananda in 1920, before he first came to America. He was not fluent enough in English at that time to trust himself to write a published work, as he obviously wanted this one to be, since it declares the central essence of his teachings. Indeed, it might be called his manifesto: the essential message, which his life was intended to convey to all men.

Swami Satyananda, an early disciple of the Master's, told me in India in 1961 that when Master was returning from his trip to Japan, before he set out on his mission to the West, he had an inspiration for how best to attract modern man's understanding to a more spiritual state of consciousness. He wrote an outline of his ideas, then asked a scholarly friend and disciple of his to give those ideas an acceptable form. The Science of Religion was the result.

After this book came into the public domain, the person in charge at Crystal Clarity asked me what I thought about his putting it out in a new edition. I had always loved the book, but that was as a passive reader. Now, as I contemplated assuming responsibility for republishing it, I read it more carefully.

I've explained my reactions in the preface to God Is for Everyone, so I won't give them again here. Simply put, the book needed help. It was a manifesto of my Guru's life, mission, and message to the world, and is therefore supremely important. I hope this new edition of the book will serve its original purpose completely.

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