30-Day Essentials for Marriage

by Jyotish Novak

For most people marriage is a source of great fulfillment and yet, for many of us, sharing a life with a partner can present challenges. Whether your relationship is easy or difficult, the 30 Day Essentials for Marriage can help you improve your life together.

For those just starting a marriage, it is important to establish good patterns right away. A new marriage, like a young plant, can be trained and molded. The 30 Day Essentials for Marriage will help you establish those qualities and habits that will make your life together happy and fulfilling. Those who have been married for some time need ways to keep their relationship from growing stale and routine. This book will be a road map into areas you may not have gone before.

Spend a few minutes reading through this book to get an idea of where you are heading. Then, take one day at a time and work on the quality for that day. You may want to stay with one quality for a longer time or return later to develop it further. Each day ends with a simple, concrete "action" item. Try them!

While an individual can use it, the book is designed to be a way for couples to work together. Merely reading it together can be a great help for you and your partner. But if you actually use it as a guide it can transform your life together. It is simple and fun. But the effects can be profound.

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