AUM: The Melody of Love

The Spirit Behind All Creation
by Joseph Bharat Cornell

The Universal Path to Spirit
AUM is God’s consciousness vibrating throughout creation. It is the
bridge that unites Nature and Spirit, human and cosmic consciousness.
Holy AUM is the stream of God’s consciousness into which the soul
merges to discover its own highest nature.

There are many ways to enter this stream, many paths and techniques,
but once one is in the stream of AUM his experience is universal:
knowledge of the Self, knowledge of the Divine within.

No one path defines or confines the experience. Although one naturally
reveres his own path, he shouldn’t mistake the path for the goal, lest he
separate himself from others on different, yet equally valid paths.

We are all children of AUM. In Swami Kriyananda’s words, “AUM is,
essentially, what religion is all about. AUM transcends the conflicting
ways of belief, and offers mankind a universal highway of awakening.”

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