Soul Journey from Lincoln to Lindbergh

Revealing the Mysteries of Karma And Rebirth
by Richard Salva


Is it possible to find evidence for reincarnation in history books? Does proof of past lives lie hidden in dusty texts, waiting to be discovered?

Are metaphysical laws working themselves out through the great events of history? Did karmic imperatives manifest through the Civil War, or Lindbergh’s historic flight over the Atlantic?

To bring light to these questions and others, I offer this comparative study of two of the most celebrated men in history. (The basis for this study is given in Chapter One.)

When I began this comparison, I thought I might find a few interesting connections between these two men. What I discovered was simply stunning—nearly 500 similarities between Lincoln and Lindbergh, including hundreds of fascinating ties between both men and the ancient spiritual science of yoga.

The more I worked on this book, the more I realized that this was a story waiting to be told: a secret metaphysical story about two famous individuals.

But this book is not only about Lincoln and Lindbergh; it is about what happens to you and me when we reincarnate. What do we bring with us from life to life? What do we leave behind? How do our past-life memories affect us? This unique account of Lincoln reincarnating as Lindbergh, along with a past life as a Himalayan yogi, gives us unexpected and thought-provoking answers.

By reading the past-life ties between famous people, we can learn more about the connections in our own lives, for the principles of reincarnation, if they exist, must function just the same for famous people as they do for you and me. This particular study is especially informative, given the wealth of information about both men.

In Part One of this book, we explore karmic links between Lincoln and Lindbergh through chronological excerpts from the life of Lindbergh, with appropriate Lincoln anecdotes interspersed.

In Part Two, we consider yogic connections in the lives of Lincoln and Lindbergh by means of a quick tour through the teachings of yoga, with appropriate Lincoln and Lindbergh anecdotes interspersed.

All of the Lincoln and Lindbergh quotations and anecdotes are derived from their histories and their actual words. Every detail related to Himalayan yogis is based on their lifestyle and the ancient spiritual science of yoga.

For the yogic teachings, I relied heavily on the writings of Paramhansa Yogananda and Swami Kriyananda, published by Crystal Clarity Publishers in Nevada City, California.

For excerpts from Lindbergh’s writings, I kept the wording exact; for Lincoln, and Lincoln sources, I often edited the original text for clarity or brevity, without changing the meaning. For both characters, I sometimes combined things said at different times to emphasize a recurring trend of thought. At times, I portrayed individuals speaking or thinking words they had written.

The reader may notice that the Lincoln anecdotes are supported by more direct quotations than the Lindbergh ones. This is only natural, since everything Lindbergh wrote is protected by copyright. If you would like to explore further these Lincoln-Lindbergh connections, consult the endnotes and bibliography in the back of the book.

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