Touching Soul

Devotional Poems & Words of Inspiration on God, Religion, and Yoga
by Sue Cooper

I have no doubt, whatsoever, that the words in the pages following are divinely given and that I am in no way singled out to receive this work. We all have this latent ability. We just have to reawaken it.

Prior to my awakening, this life had always been very ordinary; averaging amongst the many until the realization that I was being unquestionably guided on a spiritual journey. My quest for truth began in earnest five years ago, but I was bemused by the myriad of teachings so easily accessed in books. After some time of frustration, through lack of true direction, simply, I put it to God, the Universe, the Source Intelligence or whatever one likes to call It to guide me to a true teacher.

No chance event brought me to where I am placed now.

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