Sample Chapter

30-Day Essentials for Marriage

by Jyotish Novak

Day 7: Inner Strength

Be your own person. Don't try to mold yourself to fit an image others might hold. Inner strength increases as you develop your natural talents and trust your own ideas. Work with strengths that you have already. What is your best asset? Is it your intellect, your creativity, your ability to work hard? Your talents are your true treasure. Inner strength is like the trunk of a tree, everything else branches out from it. Don't allow the opinions of others to push you around. Let them wash past you as a stream flows around a stone. Yet at the same time, the strong person listens carefully to the messages life is trying to send him. When you are calm and centered you will be able to perceive truth as it resonates within you. Then, from a position of inner strength you can follow the best course of action. One of the greatest benefits of a strong marriage is having the constant support of a loved one. If you each encourage your partner to develop inner strength, your marriage will grow strong and dynamic.

Today: Sit with your partner and explore together what makes each of you strong. Agree mutually to support those qualities in all circumstances.

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