Sample Chapter

Through Many Lives

A Tale of Time Travel Through the Yugas
by Savitri Simpson

Chapter Fourteen

“Thomas!” Simeon was mentally, but very forcefully calling his  name. “Thomas!  Be  present. Be here in this time and place. The journey into your past is over now.”

Thomas slowly opened his eyes to look into Simeon’s calm silver eyes. He knew who Simeon was. He knew who he was—the same Thomas he had always been. He knew where he was, in the Halls of Wisdom. He knew the year was 5910 AD, (1,810 years into Ascending Treta Yuga). Beyond that, he was amazingly unsteady and unsure about what was real and what was not.

Seeing his disorientation, Simeon was somewhat concerned. Most time travelers, even “first timers,” returned with little or no feeling of being dazed or confused. He had soothing “wake-up”  tea  and  some  crackers  and  spread  brought  for Thomas to drink and eat.

“Don’t talk for a little while—wait until you feel more solid and present in this time frame.” Simeon was loving but firm with him.

“Sir?” he finally spoke aloud. “Sir?” His voice cracked and was very soft—he was not used to speaking aloud.

“Quietly, Thomas. We have plenty of time to exchange thoughts about what you experienced.”

“Sir! Forgive me for speaking out loud, but I’m afraid that’s all I can manage at the moment and I feel I must communicate with you right now! I know where I am. I know what has happened to me and where and when I’ve been, but. . . .” And here Thomas broke into loud sobs.

Simeon was now very concerned. Surely he had not so badly miscalculated the readiness of this brilliant young man for his first  time-travel experience. It was difficult for him to believe that his preparation of Thomas had been incomplete in some way.

“Peace, my son! Whatever is wrong, we’ll face it together. I know about the lifetime, the yuga, and the place you visited. It was not a violent time. What could possibly have happened to affect you this way?”

“Sunitia! My life, my love. Where is she? Is she lost to me forever?” His sobs continued undiminished.

“Ah-h-h, I understand. Sunitia was your wife in that time.” Simeon respectfully retreated into inner silence.

After a little while, Thomas was able to control his emotions. But he turned away from his teacher, shoulders slumping, head lowered.

“Sir, I need some time to be alone.”

“No, you don’t!” Simeon’s thought transference sprang at him as forcefully as Thomas remembered ever experiencing.

Unable to stand the bright light of Simeon’s face, Thomas stood and raced from his  teacher’s presence,  a picture of misery and confusion. But even in this state, he was able to send a final thought to Simeon. “Sir, forgive me. I’ll be back tomorrow. Please, I must go—somewhere. I must think this through.”

Simeon said or thought nothing more. He simply sat down and began to meditate and pray deeply for Thomas.

Hours later, Thomas found himself at his special spot by the shining river. He was lying face down, gripping the sweet grass that grew beneath him, trying to calm himself and think clearly.

After a time he felt somewhat calmer, and he was able to put a few thoughts together in a coherent way: “I wanted so badly to travel back through time. I wanted to see the past, to learn from it . . . and I did learn—ah, so many things about that long-ago life and that segment of a Descending Treta Yuga, so much like this time I am living in now and yet so different in many ways.

“In this Ascending Treta Yuga, we are obviously moving into greater and greater  knowledge, and there, in Descending Treta Yuga, knowledge was steadily being lost. It was bitter-sweet to know this and yet I felt impelled to hang on to whatever knowledge I could—the urgency I felt to leave a legacy to those coming after us. . . .” Here he paused and burst into tears again, for he felt the newly-awakened memories of that long-ago lifetime coming quickly to him now. What about his unborn daughter? And of course, with that vibrant memory, he began to drown in memories of his wife,  his beautiful Sunitia. Sweet memories of his lifetime with her, so long, long ago, flooded in all at once and began to overwhelm him.

Thomas felt as though he had been torn into two pieces, and one of those pieces was completely lost in the river of time.

“Sunitia!” he sent out this thought as strongly as he could, to touch her, to find her! “Sunitia, can you hear me? I’m here, where are you?”

He called and called for a long time.

No answer came. All he could hear were the gurgling sounds of the river flowing by.

Exhausted by this uncharacteristic emotional turmoil, he finally went home to bed and  prayed for respite in sleep. Surprisingly, sleep came; in the morning, he awoke feeling slightly clearer and more grounded in himself. He meditated for a time, went for a swim, then calmly prepared himself to see Simeon, who he knew would be patiently waiting for him in the Halls of Wisdom.

By now Thomas had a plan of sorts. He would simply explain to Simeon that he needed to go back to Sunitia and live in that lifetime, in Descending Treta Yuga, and not stay here in this time frame. That was the only solution—of this he was now sure. It was impossible for him to live without her.

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