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Ask Asha

Heartfelt Answers to Everyday Dilemmas on the Spiritual Path
by Asha Praver

Ask Asha - Table of Contents

1. I make the same mistakes over and over.

2. Nothing outside ordinary reality ever happens to me.

3. Spiritual hypocrisy has left a bad taste in my mouth.

4. My job and the rewards it offers seem pointless.

5. My partner cheated on me for fifteen years.

6. People will take advantage if we forgive everything.

7. I loved a powerful and good man, but he died.

8. The husband my parents have chosen for me is not my soul-mate.

9. I am in love with a man who doesn’t love me.

10. What does it mean in meditation to have an empty mind?

11. Sometimes in meditation I feel afraid.

12. In meditation I doze off and start dreaming instead.

13. Two “karmic bombs” went off this week.

14. How does karma get from one incarnation to the next?

15. Why do bad things happen to good people?

16. An ugly divorce has devolved into guerilla warfare.

17. Are all astral worlds beautiful?

18. How does a guru take on the karma of his disciples?

19. Is it bad karma to give up a baby for adoption?

20. My friend is negative about my spiritual path.

21. My boyfriend thinks only the Catholic religion is true.

22. Dark aliens from other planets have interbred with Earthlings.

23. I have lost interest in sex, but my wife has not.

24. Sex should always be a gift, not a responsibility.

25. As newlyweds, moderation in sex is out of the question.

26. My boyfriend thinks “sacred” drugs like LSD are a path to God.

27. Isn’t wearing distinctive religious garb just spiritual ego?

28. With so many wearing blue, Ananda now looks like a cult.

29. Will you be my guru?

30. I may have to kick my adopted son out of the house.

31. My elderly mother is bitter and unhappy.

32. My mother has really poor judgment about men.

33. Trying to fix my daughter’s hard karma only makes it worse.

34. My son’s wife is a compulsive nail-biter.

35. When does soul evolution begin?

36. If God is Bliss, why did He create suffering?

37. Why did God choose Mary to be the Mother of Jesus?

38. Jesus: Son of Man or Son of God?

39. I feel so guilty that my Great Dane was put to sleep. 

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