Table of Contents

Soul Journey from Lincoln to Lindbergh

Revealing the Mysteries of Karma And Rebirth
by Richard Salva



1. Soul Journey

2. The Past-Life Clues Revealed

Part I: From Lincoln to Lindbergh

3. Two Bodies, One Spirit

4. Roots

5. Little Falls

6. Washington, D.C.

7. The Army and the Airmail

8. The Flight

9. Two Processions

10. Coming Home

11. The Price of Fame

12. Anne

13. Marriage

14. Odes of the Spirit

15. Rumors of War

16. The Pull of the Past

17. Releasing the Mantle

18. The Patriot

19. The Family Man

20. The Later Years

21. The Infinite Blue

Part II: From Brahma to Abraham (Lincoln)

22. Honest Abe

23. Renunciation

24. Connecting the Dots

25. Heart and Soul

26. Mind over Matter

27. The Inner World

28. The Yogi and Emancipation

29. The Branch Paths of Yoga

30. The Teachings of India

31. Caves and Clothes

32. Family Ties

33. The Wandering Monk

34. Whispers from the Past

35. The Obsession

36. Meditations

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