Table of Contents

Touch of Light

Living the Teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda
by Jyotish Novak & Devi Novak


Swami Kriyananda’s Legacy
The Power of God’s Grace
Lights! Camera! Right Action!
Beyond Drudgery
Three Ways to Feel God’s Presence
Baked Potato or Toast
Hopeless Beyond Compare
A Letter to Lorne
What Does God Look Like?
Relaxation and Concentration
The Lesson of the Missing Crystal
Our Spiritual DNA
Whose Friend Are You, Anyway?
Self-Rating Your Spiritual Life
Signs and Wonders
Three Good Things
Tourist or Pilgrim?
The Secret Is Never to Compare
A Sense of Timing
Missing the Point
Living in the Flow
I Am the Christ Within
In 2014—Watch the Main Act, Not the Sideshow
The Long Drawn-Out Twins
A Book and Its Cover
Look to the Light
A Tale of Two Butterflies
Be Still and Know
Trusting First Impressions
Out of the Silence
What the Heart Says
The Power of Five Minutes
Under One Sky
Specific Gravity
The Sea
Getting Caught
Ten Tips for Meditation
One in the Light
Accepting Help
Obstacles or Opportunities?
The Language of Flowers
A God-Shaped Hole
The Way Home
Tears with a Stranger
Divine Intervention
Who Is Divine Mother?
The Purpose of Life
Different Ways to Make Coffee
First Kriya Initiation
The Economy of God
The Hidden Environment
Discovering the Source of Love
Deepening Your Devotion
Saying Goodbye
Feeling Inadequate
Found in Translation
This Sod
The Spiral Stairway
The Cup and the Ocean
Taming the Restless Mind
Eternity in an Hour
Finding Babaji’s Cave
How Free Are We?
Free Will
How to Heal Relationships
Babaji’s Cave
With Grateful Hearts
The Tremendous Power of Meditation
Why Be Sad About Time’s Passing?
The Descent of the Christ
Making God’s Presence Dynamic in Your Life in 2015

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