Table of Contents

The Sky and Earth Touched Me

SharingNature© Wellness Exercises
by Joseph Bharat Cornell

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Part One:
1.The Great Teacher & Healer
2.The Heart of Nature
3.Forest Bathing
4.Nature and Me
5.The Sky and Earth Touched Me
6.Expanding Circles
7.Living in the Present
     a. The Vibrant Peace Walk
8.I Am the Mountain
9.Benevolence of Life
     a.Flow with Life
10.All Good Things Come From Stillness
     a.Watching the Breath Meditation
     b.A Lake Is Like the Mind
11.Giving to Life

Part Two:
12.Sharing with Others
13.Camera Game
14.Silent Sharing Walk
15.Trail of Beauty
16.Journey to the Heart of Nature
17.Birds of the Air

Part Three:
18. Communig with Life
19. Living in Oneness

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