Table of Contents

Autobiography of a Yogi Audio Book (unabridged)

Original 1946 Edition
by Paramhansa Yogananda read by Swami Kriyananda

Preface, by W Y Evans-Wentz

Author's Acknowedgements

1. My Parents and Early Life

2. Mother's Death and the Amulet

3. The Saint with Two Bodies (Swami Pranabananda)

4. My Interrupted Flight Toward the Himalayas

5. A "Perfume Saint" Performs his Wonders

6. The Tiger Swami

7. The Levitating Saint (Nagendra Nath Bhaduri)

8. India's Great Scientist and Inventor, Jagadis Chandra Bose

9. The Blissful Devotee and his Cosmic Romance (Master Mahasaya)

10. I Meet my Master, Sri Yukteswar

11. Two Penniless Boys in Brindaban

12. Years in my Master's Hermitage

13. The Sleepless Saint (Ram Gopal Muzumdar)

14. An Experience in Cosmic Consciousness

15. The Cauliflower Robbery

16. Outwitting the Stars

17. Sasi and the Three Sapphires

18. A Mohammedan Wonder- Worker (Afzal Khan)

19. My Guru Appears Simultaneously in Calcutta and Serampore

20. We Do Not Visit Kashmir

21. We Visit Kashmir

22. The Heart of a Stone Image

23. My University Degree

24. I Become A Monk of the Swami Order

25. Brother Ananta and Sister Nalini

26. The Science of Kriya Yoga

27. Founding a Yoga School at Ranchi

28. Kashi, Reborn and Rediscovered

29. Rabindranath Tagore and I Compare Schools

30. The Law of Miracles

31. An Interview with the Sacred Mother (Kashi Moni Lahiri)

32. Rama is Raised from the Dead

33. Babaji, the Yogi-Christ of Modern India

34. Materializing a Palace in the Himalayas

35. The Christlike Life of Lahiri Mahasaya

36. Babaji's Interest in the West

37. I Go to America

38. Luther Burbank—A Saint Amidst the Roses

39. Therese Neumann, the Catholic Stigmatist of Bavaria

40. I Return to India

41. An Idyl in South India

42. Last Days with my Guru

43. The Resurrection of Sri Yukteswar

44. Wth Mahatma Gandhi at Wardha

45. The Bengali "Joy-Permeated Mother" (Ananda Moyi Ma)

46. The Woman Yogi who Never Eats (Giri Bala)

47. I Return to the West

48. At Encinitas in California

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