Table of Contents

A Fight For Religious Freedom

A Lawyer's Personal Account of Copyrights, Karma and Dharmic Litigation
by Jon R. Parsons



1. Calls and Letters

  • A Call from Sheila
  • Sheila Calls Again
  • Swami Kriyananda
  • The Ranks Array

2. The Herald of War

  • Fresno
  • SRF Makes Its Move
  • The First Courthouse

3. Stumbling Off the Block

  • Garcia Gives SRF an Injunction
  • SRF Tries to Gild the Lily
    • Yogananda returned in triumph to India in 1935

4. Ananda Responds

  • Ananda Village
    • Swami Yogananda left Boston
  • Discovery
    • Paramhansa Yogananda arrived at the Biltmore Hotel
  • The First Deposition
  • A Protective Order
  • First Fruits
    • Yogananda made an impression
  • Yogananda’s Wills
  • The “K File”
  • The Magistrate Judge
  • Peeling the Onion
    • Yogananda put in the hours

5. Deconstructing SRF’s Case

  • “Self-Realization” Is Generic
  • SRF’s Phantom Copyrights
    • Yogananda acquired Mt. Washington in October 1925
  • Ananda Wins a Big One
  • Reciprocating Motions
  • Yogananda Is No Service Mark
  • Garcia Dissolves the Injunction
    • Yogananda set up his first U.S. organization

6. The Autobiography

  • Yogananda began his mission by establishing residential schools

7. SRF Wants Another Bite of the Apple

8. Ananda Keeps Coming

  • Things People Say
    • Nirad Chowdhury received a certificate in Sanskrit
  • A Corporate Body
    • Yogananda opened his Salt Lake City campaign
  • Signs and Omens

9. A Happy Ending to the First Appeal

10. Ananda Wins the SRF Lawsuit

11. The Second Front

  • Bertolucci’s Tale
    • East-West magazine announced in May of 1929
  • Team Bertolucci

12. Things Turn Ugly

  • The Ladies
  • Flynn Joins Team Bertolucci
    • Daya Mata became the third President of SRF
  • What’s in a Name
  • The Bertolucci Worm Turns

13. The Bertolucci Case Goes from Trash to Trial

  • Trash
  • Trial
  • Ananda Loses One
  • Ananda Does Not Appeal
  • The Lawsuits Mount

14. A Last Appeal

  • Urantia Falls out of the Blue
    • The Golden Lotus Temple crowned the cliff’s edge
  • A Superior Copyright Interest
  • Good News Sends Us Back to Court
  • The Supreme Court Declines SRF’s Invitation

15. The Final Fray

    • Yogananda took advantage of the opportunity
  • Fair Use
  • Getting Ready
  • Trial
  • Flynn Thrown Out of Court
  • Final Judgment
  • Karma Kicks Back
  • The Last Smile


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